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Achieve the deepest brainwave states in just 20 minutes with the world's most powerful meditation assisting technology.

When using the Perfect Meditation Program with headphones, you don’t have to try to stop thinking or visualize or focus single-pointedly to get into the deepest brainwave states possible. Why? Because the technology mixed into Perfect Meditation's program puts you into these deepest states!

Participants of the Perfect Meditation Program consistently report:

> Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression; 

> Increased spaciousness for loving kindness

> Greater ability to control or dissolve anger spontaneously; 

> More peace and synergy with life

> Improved sleeping patterns; 

> Increased self esteem; 

> Dissolution of trauma and long standing self limitations; 

> Improved health

> Increased ease and carefree living; 

> More happiness and joy

In addition to placing you into these deepest brainwave states whilst listening, the Perfect Meditation Program over time expands your mind and trains it to be able to go this deep and by itself.  You can use these profoundly deep states to catalyze  practices you may be doing. The Perfect Meditation Program  helps you create lasting patterns in your mind that can benefit you for the rest of this life, and beyond.

How It Works

Remaining conscious whilst going into deep meditation states, like theta and delta brainwave states, increases one’s cognitive and ordinary waking conscious capacities to remain lucid in deep states of awareness where we are normally unconscious. This not only strengthens one’s conscious functioning in ordinary waking states, but expands the scope of conscious awareness. The Perfect Meditation Program also delivers a precise meditation routine that is identical every time you do it. No practice that any ordinary being can do, without such assistance, emulates such precision every time it is done. The more you listen to the Perfect Meditation CD Program on a daily basis, the more powerful this pattern becomes. It soon supersedes other patterns in your mind and hence, the afflicted or dysfunctional, unhappy patterns of mental-processing become less significant. In time they can be completely eradicated.

An expanded capacity for conscious functioning results in quantum leaps in your ability to handle issues that would normally have caused you much stress and afflicted emotions.   These afflictions are what constantly interfere with our daily lives and goals by manifesting as stress, anger, general discontentment and unwanted feelings.

Why it is the world's most respected and leading program

Perfect Meditation's use of the technology is unmatched in this field,  it is also geared at safe and well tested levels to ensure the preservation of neuroplasticity.  Recent scientific experiments with neuroplasticity reveal that neuron restructuring and regeneration is actually blocked by over stimulation.  Perfect Meditation steps down the levels at well tested rates to maximize power without compromising neuron development and restructuring.  This is critical and unique to this program. The Perfect Meditation program covers all of the deepest states of brain wave absorption  in a most powerful and effective way at every level including the very first level, which is described by others as - 'industrial strength from the beginning.'  This new technology is the most powerful technology available and is so helpful for personal growth and spiritual awakening. 

Why Perfect Meditation has a lasting effect

The mental training, delivered by the Perfect Meditation Program, continues exponentially long after you have finished it.  Why?  Because the neural structures have been embedded in the brain’by the program. Just as a river carves deeper and deeper into a canyon, once it has established a steady stream, patterns become strongly imbedded in the mind, as well as having  expanded the capacity of one's mind to process left and right brain functioning in a synchronized manner.  A synchronized mind is one that can process complex cognitive tasks whilst maintaining peace and creative openness.  Normally one side of the brain becomes far more active when a predominantly cognitive or creative task is being addressed by the mind.  Perfect Meditation expands the mind to allow both to function together in a synchronized manner by continually delivering that stimulus to the mind.  In time, your mind is trained to naturally follow this expanded pattern.  It is often referred to as whole brain thinking.  The mind is thus habituated by the Perfect Meditation program to function in this highly evolved way.   When this template of higher functioning is established in the mind through regular use of the program, it then naturally continues to build on itself. 

They say that the Buddha is always in meditation even when manifesting ordinary activities.  He is not seperated from the direct realisation of emptiness when performing teachings for instance. For other practioners the stages of development leading up to Enlightenment require the practioner to have to stop daily tasks and practice in conducive conditions to experience emptiness directly.

The  Perfect Meditation process develops this whole mind capacity over time.  However whilst doing the program things like attachment and aversion are, as a consequence, less effective and dominating in our day to day experiences.  As a result of this, the afflictions that obscure and cause us so much unhappiness, which depend on attachments and aversions, are greatly weakened.  We become more centered and from this centered perspective we are far more able to think clearly and be in tune with what is commonly referred to as intuitive knowing or emotional intelligence. The mind is free and far more easily directed to what ever we choose to direct it to.  It no longer runs on it's own in an out of control manner. The mind becomes serviceable to us rather than remaining to be a chaotic and often self defeating master over us!

The ultimate goal of every being

On the ultimate level, the Perfect Meditation process also provides the enhanced ability to penetrate reality.  This is said to be the root of all unwanted feelings and suffering.  This insight lies at the very heart or center of our otherwise polarized way of dealing with reality.  By settling the mind in this middle ground, where our sense of self sits like a director at the center of the universe, we can turn our focus inward with heightened intensity and investigate its reality.  We can, as a consequence, attain an ultimate realization and freedom from afflicted mind states, forever, by cutting through this assumed inherent notion of ourselves - the lynch-pin of self-grasping, the solid inherent sense of self, that is cherished above all else, that insists on things being this way or that way in order to measure up to its similarly mistaken sensibilities.  This is the pivotal point from which all suffering and mistaken conceptions are experienced.

Realizing the complete lack of any fixed quality or inherent identity within this merely imputed sense of self that deceptively appears to exist  as us, as we have previously always assumed, allows for the universal principals of higher functioning to manifest in one's experience the more we apply this antidote or corrected view. 

The suffering trap the mind is locked into, is no longer able to operate out of the assumption that phenomena are something inherently separate from our mental construction.  Experience is no longer seen as  independent from our projecting mind.  In fact it is now viewed as interrelated and thus intimately dependent upon our motives and determinations regarding experience.   Experiences, such as the sense of self and other, are now realized to be essence-less or empty of being the way they are apprehended by an ordinary untrained mind. 

From this we find that our experience of reality is in fact not inherently fixed and largely out of our control.  In turn, this allows one the freedom to generate the highest qualities and harness 'the flow' of abundant joy found in the perfection of universal qualities like peace and loving kindness toward others which are attitudes that entail the highest bliss and energy.  With their force we can then cut through the subtlest obscurations and attain complete enlightenment.

With a cleared view or supreme mode of apprehending, the mind and resulting body can be directed into the most wholesome states - generating the perfect reality for ourselves and others.   In short, we are released from the impulsive and false modes of apprehending that have involuntarily driven us through beginningless rounds of unhappiness.

In summary

The Perfect Meditation program is a  most powerful tool for dramatically empowering whatever self development aspirations you have.   The stimulus delivered by the Perfect Meditation program expands the mind by a massive degree over time, by familiarizing ordinary waking consciousness with the deepest brainwaves states achievable.  Without the Perfect Meditation program those states are extremely difficult to generate even with 30 years of solid daily meditation practice. 

The results of regular listening are that  inhibiting mental blocks are dwarfed and a catalytic platform for you to develop whatever qualities or personal growth aspirations you might have is developed.   You also achieve the kind of power in the mind that is necessary in order to penetrate reality with the ultimate view in a relativly easy and short period of time.

It is also found to be extremely pleasurable and relaxing to listen to!





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“I have only been using perfect meditation CD’s for about a month now and there is already a marked improvement in my general level of wellbeing and increased consciousness. Every time I listen to it I feel great. Negativity does not affect me as much anymore.”

AC – Gordon, NSW

"I have used a number of binaural beat programs including those from Centerpointe and Awakening. The Perfect Meditation CD is a powerful experience that I would recommend to anyone."

Rich Brueckner Portland, Oregon

“EXTREMELY GOOD. Now 6 weeks , meditation gets better & better.”

Judith M - White Gum Valley

“Just writing to thank you so much for your program. I started using it because I wanted to achieve deeper meditation states. It’s unbelievable! I did not expect to be having more and more of these moments where I am feeling this kind of pure joy that reminds me of how I sometimes felt as a child. I never realized I had lost that. It’s amazing and delightful.”

Andrew R - Palm Springs

“I currently have your level 6 and would like to purchase level 7. Your program is first class and I enjoy it thoroughly. It is much better value than Hsync(abbreviated). I have been recommending some of your products to my friends.”

Sandy Dorrian - Chicago

“I am interested in using meditation techniques of all types. I became aware of binaural meditation and researched this method and found it interesting. Initially I tried another and found that they stopped at too low a level. Another well known supplier is very expensive, full of gimmicks and I was put off by their hard-sell tactics.

Perfect Meditation  has 13 levels and I found them to be the most useful and value for money. I am now at level 3 and have noticed many positive changes. It is a powerful method which I will continue using and graduate at my own speed. I have had a number of questions and have received prompt attention as required from the supplier

Perfect Meditation" in my view is the best. The more I use it the more benefits I enjoy and that is what meditation should be about in the long run.”

Vic W - Brisbane

"Fantastic Meditation Product, by far the best of what I had tried!!! Thank you!"

Jia J C  Melbourne

“Having done 18 years of TM I thought I was quite accomplished. My God! Now I realize I hadn't even started. Kind of joking but thanks any way. It's a terrific program and I wish you all the best with it. “

(requested name be withheld)

“It’s so good what you have given me. I now understand what you have been saying. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not found your CDs and what you have taught me.. I feel forever in your debt. Love and Light.”

David B - Perth

“I've spent a fortune on self help course tapes, you name it. I've got more out of the first two levels than all of them put together. I have given up drinking, smoking and coffee. That is something I never expected or even felt was important to do. I am much more sensitive to things now, my body feels more like it did when I was a child. Those past times of mine suddenly seemed so unhealthy. Thank you for making the PM program.

Jane S - Sydney


"I just had to let you know, I received the program and have listened to it a few times.  It is fantastic!!  As you know, I was using one of your competitors Purification Level 4.  Yours is so much better!!  The added bonus is that I no longer have to put up with marketing tactics akin to those of Publisher's Clearing House.  I've even forwarded your web site to some doctors I know that were interested in this technology.  Thanks again." 

Denise ~ San Antonio

"I received set 1 today and just completed my first listening session of the Singing Bowls.I did enjoy listening to the meditation and found it extremely interesting.At first I thought I could smell incense burning and then I could visualise my aura.I don't have time now to go into the rest of it but at the end of it I felt as though I was asleep but only I was awake if that makes sense.  Thanks heaps"

Helen ~ Mornington

"I appreciate your well thought out responses and have been contemplating them for the past couple of days. I have to tell you that this type of meditation has litterly changed my life in a relatively short period of time. I cannot thank you enough for offering this to the public and for taking the time to help me have a successful journey..."

Diane A ~ Belleville

"Now that I have settled back into a listening routine again, I am getting tremendous benefit from the Perfect Meditation cd's, and feel far better than I remember doing at any stage with Centerpointe. The whole process feels more natural and gentle, I don't feel forced or frazzled by the technology.
The change has been progressing at a satisfactory rate from day 1, regards, love and gratitude."

Peter N ~ Lilydale

"My husbands psychologist Eugene  told me about Perfect Meditation."

Arezou D ~ Newton

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