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About us

The Perfect Meditation CD Program is a most sophisticated use of brainwave entrainment technology. The Program assists you to transform your mind through the process of training the mind to achieve deep brainwave states.

The Perfect Meditation Program was created to establish the very best use of the technology, and then to preserve that for the world, so that genuine practitioners could always have access to this technology from a trustworthy and well-intended source. The intention is to make it available to as many people as possible and eventually leave it in the hands of a non-profit organization that is dedicated to benefiting all beings. In this way people will always have a reliable and trustworthy source that they can be confident is providing the very best use of this amazing technology.

The Perfect Meditation Program mixes its technology with highly beneficial and profound sounds, providing a positive mental impression whilst inducing powerful and deep brainwave states. If one chooses to generate a sense of altruism during this entrainment, you have an even greater catalyst for mental development.

Using this technology for optimum stimulus, in the way Perfect Meditation does, is effective for the development of qualities that bring happiness. Generosity, patience, concentration, compassion and wisdom may more easily be generated as the capacity of the mind expands, making it much easier to 'let go' of 'the grasping mind' at the same time as becoming more familiar with naked awareness and the true nature of reality.

Ultimately, wholesome human potentials can then be easily developed and allowed to shine as a result of a less disturbed, less polarized and less attached or averted mind. If you have an appreciation for human values that reflect and lead to lasting happiness, and if you would like to develop them more easily, then clearing your mind of the blocks that prevent these qualities from flourishing, is something that the Perfect Meditation Program does with astonishing efficiency!

The experience and knowledge that is passed on to you as you progress with this program is authentic as it is  founded in the most sophisticated mental development traditions of Tibet. The Perfect Meditation CD Program provides complete guidance for beginners who have no experience with meditation or mental development. It also provides comprehensive guidelines on how to incorporate the program into daily life if you already follow other meditation and spiritual practices. Additional support is also available via email or mail to answer any questions that arise during the designated listening period.

Perfect Meditation also provides an e-book, by request, which explains a liberation technique that combines ‘correct reasoning regarding the nature of reality' from the great Indian Master Chandrakirti, with one of the legendary Yogi Padmasambava's termas (hidden teachings for future generations). Combining these profound but simple practices with Perfect Meditation is a stunningly effective way to develop insight, and cut through and dissolve afflictive emotions and karmic propensities.

Such practice will give you the opportunity to attain liberation in this very life.

This is truly revolutionary and ground breaking, and has not been available to the world before this program’s creation.

Is it safe?

Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who have experimented with entrainment technology over the last fifty years or so, no person has ever damaged themselves. Though the effects are powerful and life transforming, the process is very gentle. The brain will simply tune out of the stimulus if it finds it too much. You can’t damage your mind by falling asleep whilst trying to stay awake! The ocean is not damaged by its waves and currents regardless of how powerful they become! It’s a bit like that.

What is actually happening is that the mind is following a pattern; if it can’t process the amount of stimulus delivered at a certain rate it simply falls into an easier cycle than what is being targeted by the precise delivery of the audio tones. In this case, an effect will still be felt but not to the extent that the stimulus would ideally provide. This is one reason why it’s important that you use each level to the maximum. It’s also why you need to have well tested protocols to ensure the chain of entrainment is not broken from one level to the next. You need to be up to speed, having not missed anything, so when you address the next stage you will be in sync with the process.


Even whilst remaining in sync with the recommended listening regime, it can become somewhat overwhelming at times. Undue tiredness, irritability and feeling generally pressured can be common. All that you need to do is slow down a little or take a break for a day or two from the process.

You may also be challenged at times to address suppressed emotional issues that may surface inadvertently as a result of the entrainment stimulus. The process seems to push through your awareness at different levels, and periods within a level. This is a very real and powerful purification process. It is incredibly thorough, and removes obscurations that we had no idea were tainting our underlying pristine awareness and view of reality.

It's as if each level targets different blocks in our mind. These vary from individual to individual but no matter what it is or who you feel you are, this process can definitely clear it out! It’s like cleaning each room in a house very effectively. If you try to skip parts of it or push through them too fast (thereby suppressing) then it's a compromise. If you wish to clean a telescope with many lenses in it and decide to skip some smaller lenses or only partly clean them you will obscure the view even though the most powerful and deepest lenses have been cleaned.

It doesn't matter what belief, or non-belief, system you have. Perfect Meditation works fundamentally on a neurological level, as well as on the deeper levels of awareness that influence all peoples’ minds. It clears out the clutter and expands the mind by training it to operate on much deeper levels with harnessed power and awareness. At the same time, it is increasing the habitual dimensions of consciousness. This allows for the innate human qualities of peace and happiness that are our true nature to shine through, as well as be consciously encouraged and developed with relative ease.

The Perfect Meditation Program has the added benefit of:

Ø       A very powerful chakra healing, ancient ‘singing bowl’ CD that takes you from your root chakra to your crown bliss chakra adding even more physical and mental healing benefits whilst being entrained.

Ø       A Gyuto monk chant which is mixed into the tracks to harmonize and enhance your receptivity whilst being entrained. You are simultaneously immersed in the blessed and beneficial harmonic sound used throughout the ages to generate spiritual awakening.

Ø       The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra recording which is recited by an enlightened and recognized master. This mantra is said to be extremely beneficial and recommended by enlightened beings.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, but only very recently has this technology been developed to a point where it guarantees a perfect meditation every time you practice. As 'you are meditated' these authentic enlightening sounds are also mixed into the process as your mind is taken into the deepest states of brainwave activity. (Nature sounds, as an alternative, can be ordered if you prefer).

By completing the Perfect Meditation CD Program, you can experience incredible peace, blissful states, lasting happiness and mental transformations beyond your wildest expectations, all while making the most of the ancient wisdom that comes with it. Liberation and enlightenment are the highest and hardest goals to achieve. The Perfect Meditation Program makes them easier and more accessible than they ever have been before.

You will receive instructions, and access to advice, as to how to use the CDs safely and most effectively. There are subtle complexities and a wealth of experimentation that has been scrutinized intensely in order to ensure the Perfect Meditation Program is totally refined. Access to qualified and reliable support as you need it is critical for ultimate success. Educated advice on mind transformation will not only help you use the program, but will also assist you to gain the correct understanding of what is happening with your transforming mind. There are some very wonderful experiences that may happen but if you misunderstand them or get some ill-directed opinion, you will not necessarily recognize or appreciate the progress you are making.

On the other hand some people already have a good idea of why they want to use this program and have particular needs and interests in mind. They may not need to access the support provided. This is fine. Advice or ideas are not forced upon you. They are there for you, should you wish to make use of them.

Technical Comment

While the Perfect Meditation Program has been refining the technology now for over 20 years, the technology itself was first discovered back in 1839 by the German scientist, H. W. Dove. It was subsequently experimented with, in limited ways, by various researchers. However it remained inaccessible to most people due to the very high prices charged for it by those who were marketing it.

Those of you who are seeking genuine transformation will want a program in which you can have total confidence. The Perfect Meditation Program is precise and well tested by genuine practitioners, hence maximizing your opportunity for achieving your highest aspirations.

Unfortunately, since this technology has entered the mainstream there has been a growing mountain of dubious providers of ‘similar’ programs. This is making it very difficult for people to discern which programs are providing authentic technology which is going to be truly useful for their development. Many entrainment technologies can give a sense of relaxation and peace but, on a subtle level, they actually hinder the ability to enter the highest states of absorption.

This is what makes people stay with the Perfect Meditation Program. We receive positive feedback regarding our Program from people who have tried other products. Despite having huge marketing strategies, these other programs do not achieve the same results in the short or long term with their use of the technology. For years Perfect Meditation has been fending off commercially-minded people from trying to obtain the formula which has made Perfect Meditation so effective. However we maintain our unique position and thereby endeavor to keep our Program affordable and provided by a trustworthy source.

There are also providers of this technology who promote particular frequencies to generate particular qualities. They claim that there are certain frequencies tested by scientists that induce compassion, self confidence and even weight loss. This would be wonderful if it was true however it is, in reality, completely false and misleading. If you look into it at any depth, there are contradicting brain activity results with nearly every test done on people who are generating a particular mental state, such as compassion.

The renowned and accomplished meditator and spiritual practitioner, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in his recent visit to Australia (June 2007), spoke about his conversations with some scientists with respect to brain activity. The scientists informed His Holiness that it was found that, whether a person was feeling angry or loving, the same parts of the brain were found to be active. It is also found that inducing the mind into designated frequencies with entrainment technology, and thereby replicating and inducing particular brainwave patterns, does not necessarily lead to increasing any particular quality any more than any other frequency does as a result of regular entrainment.

His Holiness illustrated this further by pointing to how the physical body sheds tears when elated and also when sad!! He commented that the body (which includes the brain) does not necessarily reflect one’s conceptual activities and emotional states. In other words, there is no particular frequency that represents a particular mind state like compassion or anger. This is completely consistent with our findings and approach at Perfect Meditation. Hence promoting brainwave programs that pretend to achieve such is very misleading.

The developers of the Perfect Meditation CD Program thereby challenge the claims made by providers of technology who promote the use of gamma frequencies, learning frequencies, creative thinking and silent programming. Such providers claim they can make one more compassionate, study better or be more creative using these particular frequencies. This is false. In fact, using such products alongside an entrainment program designed to provide the deepest states possible, actually compromises the entrainment.

Furthermore, most programs using entrainment technology actually inhibit the ability to enter transcendent states. This is despite the fact that their products can affect the mind into deeper brain wave patterns and even generate higher thresholds of tolerance to stress. Currently, no other provider of this technology has been able to develop it at every stage in light of the ability to transcend ordinary states of awareness, and this is the critical difference between Perfect Meditation and other entrainment programs.

In order to make the most of this program and maintain personal growth, improved mental pliancy and spiritual development, you must begin at a tolerable level of entrainment and increase this at gradual and precise increments down to the very lowest possible levels to which humans can be entrained.

Many alternate entrainment programs are pleasant one-off listening experiences that may be enjoyable for a few months, but will not have far -reaching transformative effects. It is important to realize this.

There is also an art to the way the listeners are taken down and held at certain levels. Working with this requires knowledge and experience in how the mind functions according to the exquisitely refined traditions of mental development. The Perfect Meditation Program incorporates the very best of these principals in its use of the world’s most powerful entrainment technology. This Program uses the most accurate technology in a way that research has established to be most effective for transforming the mind.

It is extremely useful to have a process that ‘meditates you’ very powerfully every day regardless of what mood you may find yourself in or what other distracting issues you have going on at particular times. This program takes you down to the lowest delta brainwave states inducible, over the first track, then holds you there, in a very precise way, for the duration of the second track. The Perfect Meditation Program does this in the most effective and refined way, a way that emulates brainwaves patterns found states of single pointed and profoundly deep meditation.

The universal qualities that are conducive to a happy mind, such as loving kindness, compassion, peace and wisdom, are far easier to develop with an entrained mind. All one needs to do is to maintain the regular listening routine and complete the program.

Most people find listening to the CD’s a wonderful experience from the outset, but there is also a subtle transformation going on underneath our ordinary awareness. This is where the real power of the process lies. This aspect becomes more apparent after longer term entrainment and depends upon a consistent routine of listening to the CD’s.

There is a small percentage of people that do not feel much happening during the first couple of stages, it's not until later that the transformations become apparent to them. The main point to keep in mind, is that the process of entrainment is still occurring regardless of whether or not you notice anything at first.

The genuinely transformative aspect is subtle and is the critical component and focus of Perfect Meditation. This Program is geared to generate genuine and lasting results as well as provide an unprecedented condition for the achievement of freedom from afflicted mind states. It is this unique quality that produces such great results for the thousands of people who dedicate themselves to this process.



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