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The Tibetans have shown wonderful resilience, patience and dignity, in the face of the most horrifying human rights abuses, genocide and cultural devastation in their home land.
These pictures on the right are from the refugee camp in neighbouring India and which the resilient and determined Tibetans have transformed into a monastery. It is home to about 5,000 Monks.
First Photo - Two Tibetan Lamas
Second Photo - Great Circle of Tibetan lamas
Third Photo (in chairs from left to right) - me, my teacher, my friend Tsering and some of the circle of refugee monks that Tsering is sheltering.


 There are still endless stories of suppression, abuse, stealing of any Tibetan businesses that becomes successful by police, imprisonment and torture of monks, their teachers and Tibetans in general that are still filtering out of occupied Tibet at an alarming rate.

Though we may consider that the living conditions of Tibetans prior to the invasion by the Chinese Communists  looked very basic because they had no electricity or modern facilities that we consider  necessities, the Tibetans managed to live long, with a most sophisticated system of education and medicine.  Ironically Tibet had no poverty prior to the Communist Chinese occupation.   They lived  in complete harmony with the fragile environment. This appears to have been very wise when we consider the environmental problems facing the world today. 

The virtually untouched Tibetan plateau which had the largest untouched forest reserve on earth has now been devastated by unrestrained logging, uranium mining and reckless pollution under the Communist Chinese dictatorship.  There  is now only 40% of  this forested area left and all the wildlife has basically vanished and the rivers are full of toxic pollutants.  The Chinese seem to have no sense of environmental responsibility and have had no regulations in place to protect the environment.

The Communist Chinese propaganda machine only allows for education in the Chinese language which they use to brainwash their own people about how they have liberated Tibet and spent a fortune of hard earned Chinese money on improving Tibet and reuniting it with the motherland!! Hence the Tibetans are perceived as being ungrateful by the Chinese community!! The Communist Chinese party saturate the the tightly controlled media with propaganda against the Tibetans as the Nazis did against the Jews. Tibetans are too scared even to go to hospitals  which are all run and controlled by Chinese. Tibetans' will more likely get ill-treatment than help. A Geshe friend of mine recently left Tibet and informed me  that there are now so many beggars in Tibet it was overwhelming and shocking.  He said even if one went with a million dollars to give away it would not be nearly enough to give each of them a little something! 

As the Tibetans are pushed out into the outskirts of their own homeland by wealthy Chinese taking over the flourishing areas, the Tibetans are forced to display Chinese flags in the front of their houses as a show of patriotism to their occupiers. If they do not, they are fined huge amounts of money which they do not have so their houses get taken away from them as payment.

If the Tibetans try to flee their own country they are captured, shot or left to die in the snow.  The nuns and women are raped by Chinese soldiers with high voltage cattle prods as a standard practice the Tibetan monks and males are either killed or imprisoned and tortured.  These acts are almost treated as sport within the prisons which have virtually no  reporting procedures accountability or guidelines other than to be merciless to any Tibetan perceived as being an enemy of Communist China.  Some even say that the central government does not even know the extent of what goes on in the provinces and prisons.   The prisoners are not given medical attention.

In numerous areas in order to profit out of their prisons, prisoners are tested for blood types and then marked for human organ transplants.  When a wealthy person needs a transplant and good money is offered the prisoner with a matching blood type has the organ removed  whilst they are still alive in order to ensure that the organ is in the best possible condition.  Then the prisoner is tossed into the street  to die or just left to die.  Dead bodies floating down Tibetan rivers is not an uncommon sight. An invoice is then sent to relatives of the Tibetan to pay for the disposal of the body and even the cost of the bullet used to shoot the prisoner is included if a rifle was used.

In other instances as Tibetans try to escape the persecution in their own homeland Chinese soldiers shoot the Sherpas who are the guides that take them across the impossible and treacherous Himalayan mountains into Nepal.  By shooting the guides, who are usually at the front and back of a a group of Tibetans trying to escape they paralyzes the group who do not know the way back to a shelter in Tibet or the way forward to Nepal.  High in the Himalayan alps and knee deep in snow, the innocent Tibetans trying to flee the genocide are left to flounder, starve and freeze to death in the to the amusement of the Chinese army groups that patrol the areas.

Tibet is a well disguised and massive concentration camp.  Some Tibetan shops, monasteries etc are allowed to function to give an impression that all is well.  When the free media or even just tourists go into Tibet, they are followed and photographed everywhere they go.  They are searched and films and recordings are confiscated if perceived to be talking to Tibetans or gathering any information that may reveal the truth about what is going on. 

One of the conditions that China agree to in order to gain the privilege of hosting the 2008 Olympic games was to allow media access to anywhere in China during the build up and running of the games. A few weeks before the flame relay was to be run around the world.  Some nonviolent protests started within Tibet.  A well trained unit of the Chinese army dressed up as Tibetans and started violent and destructive riots.  They used this as and excuse to throw all the mediate out!  There is no free media in Tibet at all.

With the coming of the Olympic Games in Beijing, unthinkable and alarming similarities to the pre World War II, 1936 Berlin Olympics are being witnessed.  Chinese army personal dress up as Tibetans and Tibetan monks and attack Chinese civilians and Chinese private shops. These incidents are filmed and broadcasted on the government controlled television and published in the news papers in order to generate hatred and anger in the 1.2 Billion strong Chinese community toward the defenseless Tibetans.  Adolph Hitler's Nazi dictatorship camouflaged its racist, militaristic character while hosting the Summer Olympics.  For over fifty years the Communist Chinese Government has been running propaganda campaigns via state controlled television and news paper against the Tibetans.   If you are found with a picture of the Noble Peace prize winning Dalai Lama you are imprisoned and re educated with round the clock torture.

The lessons of the holocaust and those who sacrificed their lives in World War II for humanities freedom against dictatorship and genocide are not forgotten.  However, as we all put our hands on our hearts and say 'lest we forget' it's hard to understand how we can remain silent and feel there is little we can do about what has been blatantly going on for over 50 years to the peaceful and beautiful people of Tibet. It's an unfathomably sad tragedy when you look into what the Tibetan way of life was like before the Chinese Communist occupation. 

Tibet was an unparallel, wonderful and most positive country.  The nearest thing to Plato's republic that even surpassed even Plato's visionary work. Tibet  was governed by compassion and human kindness as the philosophy out of which laws were carved.  Like any society it had trouble makers and difficulties as is the nature of any group in this world. Yet this system was arguably the best example of a harmonious prosperous and meaningful way of living that the world has ever seen. Especially when you consider the lack of industrialization and complete harmony with the environment.  The Tibetan Culture also has the richest most sophisticated education system.  Their culture is full of divine imagery, sounds practices and systems of thought all geared to promote harmony and happiness.  It is a jewel in the crown of humanity that was peaceful, well educated, without poverty and positive. It is now perilously close to extinction at the hands of the brutal unconscionable Communist Chinese occupation.

It is such a sad  and unimaginably harrowing situation which is left virtually ignored by the rest of the world.  The world is preoccupied with profiteering and seems keen to take advantage of China's cheap labor  whilst turning a blind eye to the legions of human rights abuses. All for the sake of securing good trade relations with the communist dictatorship.  A new railway has been setup primarily to flood Tibet with Haun Chinese who now outnumber Tibetans in their own homeland.  The railway  was also set up to transport the  mountains of rich uranium and  mineral deposits from the Tibetan plateau back to China.  There is plenty of global money now being invested in China for this purpose.

I wonder if those that died for the sake of our freedom in the World Wars would be happy with our level of concern at this time?  Would they feel their sacrifice was worth it for what we are now accepting with little conscience and virtually no objection?

There really are small things that require little courage that each of us can do to make a difference.  Even just telling others about the holocaust like activities of China in Tibet by bringing it up in conversations is very helpful to generate humane concern and awareness.

When thinking about the words  - human and humanity - it becomes obvious that actions of inhumanity are completely against the grain of peace and happiness that are the deepest aspirations of the human race.  Why would any human take the direction of inhumanity?  Even on a very basic level we can see that we never look back admirably at characters in history who were cruel and murderous.  We don't see giant pictures of Adolph Hitler hanging proudly in German city squares!  In places like Germany there is only  embarrassment at the memory of people like Hitler.    We see them as ugly monsters lacking the courage and foresight to rise above their self obsessed and miserable political aspirations.  It's insanity of the worst kind.

Mao Tse-Tung is responsible for what is estimated to be 20 million deaths and even more torture and devastation of his own people during his reign in China.  He was also responsible for the 1.2 million Tibetans murdered during his invasion and cultural revolution of Tibet .  Mao implemented policies of 'killing by quota' in all Chinese provinces just to keep the people fearful enough of the Government so as not to rebel.  The current Chinese communists sport a huge photo of  Mao Tse-Tung in Tiananmen Square and have given pride of place to a huge memorial hall and tomb with Mao in it in the center of Beijing as if  it is something to be proud of!  The Chinese Communists see it as tactfully useful to keep the shadow of Mao hanging over the culture with much of his propaganda still in place to secure their continuing brutal reign.  They grossly distort the  memory of Mao's cruel and insane domination over Tibet and the Chinese people .  If there were a gold medal for the worst performance of a human life, it's hard to think of a person who would or even could stand higher than China's Mao.

When you look at history it is also obvious that people who are genuinely admired and considered courageous and great are those who sacrifice themselves for others, serve others and are able to overcome grave injustices and terrifying brutality whilst amazingly, at the same time, remaining non violent and even displaying love, kindness and compassion for their tormenters whilst still doing all they could to help people and leave the world a better place. 

As a human being I would like to think that if the holocaust was happening now then I would try to do what ever I could to stop it.  Even if it meant just joining a non violent protest, signing a petition or offering a few dollars to  those who are good at organizing useful non violent opposition to inhumanity.  I would also like to think that the rest of us in the  world would learn from the past and do what ever we could to stop a monstrous and murderous regime from torturing killing and committing overt genocide  against millions of innocent people in their own homeland .

The Chinese communists are human just like us.  Somehow they have completely lost their way so tremendously that they have come to be creating such unimaginable misery for others and ultimately much worse for themselves.  They are victims of the most short sighted confusion that has lead them to feel so insecure that they act in completely inhumane ways.  What could be more pitiful than that? 

I don't feel that our silence and inactivity is supportive of our own sense of well being or our future.  Many wise people feel that our current environmental crisis is a result of our collective attitude of neglect and that a positive change in that is necessary for us to find solutions to what our fragile world is reflecting back to us at this time.  To continue our evolvement as a species on this planet positive and deliberate action  seems to be required more than ever at this time.  With the Beijing Olympics just around the corner and all the publicity surrounding the flame and this regime we can no longer claim we did not know about the holocaust like genocide going on in Tibet NOW.

It is said that giving to those in need and to ordained monks devoting their lives to peace, happiness and service of others is very meritorious and results in great prosperity for oneself.  It's like joining in the energy of bliss happiness and higher evolvement.  Itís nice to know that when helping others in desperate need it is not only helpful and comforting to them but it fulfils ones own aspirations as well.  This is the true secret to abundance, fulfillment and a successful and meaningful life.  In fact all positive energy and feelings that we experience are a result of cherishing, working for  and benefiting others.   We know this deep in our hearts and it is reflected in the natural tendency of people to admire historical figures who  who have helped and served others in selfless ways.   We can catch a further glimpse of this truth in our own lives by thinking about parents.  They work tirelessly and selflessly for their children in extraordinary ways yet rather than consider this a terrible burden parents generally say that being a parent is the most important, rewarding and meaningful part of their life! 

If we managed to extend this parenting attitude toward all beings the happiness and rewards of living become unimaginably beautiful and wondrous!  When such an attitude starts to govern all our actions naturally, it's as if we a filled with magical heavenly  energy that transports us from happiness to happiness without end. Even that energy is felt by others and is why saints are depicted with bubbles of energy and hallows around their heads.  These represent that special energy that you can feel when around such great beings.  In fact this energy is said to be  our very own inner nature that is accessible to all of us if we would only take the steps to harness it's power.

Most of us need to start small however any help you can offer to assist the Tibetans who have no voice or protection inside Tibet is most appreciated.  Help is best given by supporting the  refugee monks, people who manage to escape Tibet and organizations set up in free countries to raise awareness and provide some support for the victims of this unimaginably insane and cruel occupation. It is so desperately needed at this time. 

It seems to me like humanity itself is at stake, the humanity in our hearts and humanity as a collective. Please help to  preserve a most beautiful, humane and beneficial culture that we have much to gain from and that only brings peace and benefit. 

It also seems that the time for dramatically underestimating our own worth and power has quickly come to an end.  We stand at a universal crossroad where we are being challenged on every level from environmental, social and spiritual to step up to the plate without hesitation and "be the change we want to see in the world" or suffer the consequences.

My own teacher who was there at the time China invaded Tibet told me that the Chinese felt that once they had Tibet they would then be in a strong position to take over the world. The Chinese Communists try not to appear expansionist yet they have the worlds biggest army, nuclear bombs and are building a huge arsenal of military machines. They also seem to be without conscience.

"If you think one person can make no difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." - His Holiness The Dalai  Lama

At the very least you can always pray with a strong aspiration -  

"May I urgently find a way to make a difference that is beneficial and useful to myself and all other living beings."


Thank you so much













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