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You can purchase any level(s) here.  Just click on the CD pictures,  make the payment and you will receive  your items within 3 to 14 days (worldwide).

  profound sound series level one                                                                


Level One contains two CDís and includes instructions. You also get access to   authentically trained  and experienced meditation advice for any issues that arise.  

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 nature sound series level one  Text Box:                  

Alternatively Level One can be listened to with the relaxing sound of gentle rain and soothing waves, if the idea of the enlightening Gyuto monk harmonics and Mani do not appeal to your sensibilities.  

Click on Icon      Only US$55.00 plus postage & handling 

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The Perfect Meditation Program is the worlds most powerful technology that is tested and verified to induce transcendent states by genuine meditators.  There is nothing else you will ever need as far as entrainment goes.  It covers the full  spectrum of profoundly deep meditation brainwave states in the most powerful way possible.  It is mixed with the most authentic and profoundly beneficial enlightening sounds recommended by transformed masters, but if you just want a gentle nature sound then that is provided also. The support you receive is grounded in their most accurate psychological understanding of the actual nature of the mind.

Perfect Meditation does not offer silent programming.  The definition of subliminal programming - is a message or signal embedded in another object, designed to pass below or above the normal limits of perception. Despite the fact that silent programming has been scientifically proven time and again to be completely ineffective, belief in it is wide spread.  Some characters take advantage of this saying they have now developed some special silent programming that works!!  Some even claim, at the same time, that they don't believe in subliminal programming!  They try to convince you that their silent technology will change your habits or self image on a subconscious level.  This is completely false. It is subliminal programming if it is a message or signal embedded in another object, designed to pass below  or above the normal limits of perception.  That is what they are providing under  a different name whilst saying they don't believe in it!! 

Perfect Meditation only provides what is most effective.  It's neaurotechnology is unmatched as the worlds leading, most effective and authentic mind transforming tool at a very affordable price.  All participants in the Perfect meditation program, that come from any level of alternate providers (including some who have finished the highest levels of these other programs) are very happy they changed and never go back!   All you have to do is try it and it will prove itself to you!

The Perfect Meditation program cuts to the chase right from the word go.  This is the most powerful entry level of any program and starts with, what others call, the industrial strength entrainment right up front.   It is safe and all you have to do is set up a routine to use the Perfect Meditation program for a short time each day in the comfort of your  own home.  You will then quickly obtain similar benefits to what a dedicated yogi would obtain  from decades of gruelling austerities and practices performed day and night in some isolated place.  Yogis do this in order to generate great power in their minds for the purpose of penetrating reality and freeing themselves from cyclic life.  The perfect meditation program delivers this kind of mental power at the touch of a button and trains the mind to be able to do that even when you have finished with the program.

Perfect Meditation includes support that is grounded in authentic training in the Tibetan tradition of mental development which for centuries has produced realized beings like factories and is now becoming recognized in the west.  Neural scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists and personal development experts , from all over the world, are becoming more and more aware of the validity and usefulness of the Tibetan tradition.  

ďDonít think of this tradition as some kind of narrow, close minded belief system. It isnít. The doctrine is not a historical fabrication, derived through imagination and mental speculation, but an accurate psychological explanation of the actual nature of the mind.Ē  - Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

If you are serious about transforming yourself for the better for good and would like a tool that will basically do the hardest parts of this for you, then all  you have to do is take a small amount of time to listen to the Perfect Meditation program on a regular basis.  People try to meditate for years and years and achieve some good things but rarely the profound insights that they hope for.  This program meditates you!  You really canít go wrong with it!  When you understand this there is no doubt that it is the best  investment you can make in yourself for the purpose of improving the quality of your experience of this life and beyond.  There is simply nothing better you can do with the short amount of time you have on this planet for the sake lasting happiness.

Things are always changing.  I will always try to offer the Perfect Meditation program at a rate that is practical and fair to those of you who really want to achieve the greatest potential you have. 

I hope you take advantage of the opportunity it really is an amazing and staggeringly effective process.

Thank you for your time.

"May any one who even just hears about this program attain the highest state of bliss that is beneficial to all."


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