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The Big Picture

Having a program that makes positive changes happen for you is just the most fantastic news for anyone who has tried hard to improve themselves without much success. It’s perfect to use this program for some assistance to resolve a long-standing or new issue like stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders or any unwanted mental difficulty or unhappy state. Almost all users of Perfect Meditation find that just doing a few levels makes a huge difference to these issues. If your vision goes beyond this there is so much more!

We now have the freedom to develop ourselves in accordance with our own understandings and dispositions and can also use the council of great spiritual masters of various traditions. There are many groups that have sprung up to support us in these pursuits. The followers within these groups have tried to work the principals into their lives as best as they can. Yet it can be a daunting task for most of us and few have any real success.

In the past it has only been through incredible discipline and sensory deprivation that such pursuits could become empowering and real for us. Very few people have been able to undertake the gruelling austerities required to overcome the incorrect views and develop useful qualities like loving kindness and the realization of emptiness in a single life. Many people try but there are always obstacles that get in the way. The Perfect Meditation program can cut through such difficulties due to the precise entrainment routine that it embeds in our minds regardless of how out of sorts we are on a daily basis. All we have to do is set up a routine to listen to it!

The Opportune State

No thing can arise out of nothing. Many things change but they cannot become nothing either. If our mind was not influenced by previous experience, it would not be influenced by the past. Hence, things like depression or even having a sense of who we are would be impossible because they depend on an accumulation of what has led to this point. This can be realized on the most subtle level where consciousness can be seen as a stream of energy or subtle awareness that is propelled by previous choices, intentions, apprehensions and actions. It functions as a continuum and so the present moment of awareness cannot possibly arise without depending upon a previous moment of awareness.

When one sees this beginningless and endless nature of awareness, one realizes that it cannot cease or start from nothing. Moments of awareness cannot instantly manifest in a single moment. Nor can a moment of awareness disintegrate into nothing. If we accept this logic, then we have to accept that we have been revolving from life to life since beginningless time for there can be no first moment of consciousness and no end to that which is, by its very functioning, in the nature of a continuum. Something cannot spontaneously arise out of no cause. A result has to have a cause or it cannot be a result. Virtually any mother will tell you that a her children had quite different personalities when they were born. The parents are the same and the conditions are the same. Yet the children are distinctly different. There are also many cases of children who remember past lives and give details about their previous home and parents. When investigated these reports are validated with the discovery of parents who live in a house described by the child. The parents report having had a child that died quite young in an accident say five years before. In Tibet where infant deaths and deaths of young children was quite common, some children would go to the parents of its previous life and call them Mummy or Daddy. Often the child would then be reared by both sets of parents in the close-knit villages. It was not seen as particularly amazing!

The type of personality a person had developed in the previous birth is carried over and will start to respond to this life from where it left off. Great meditators have developed the clairvoyance to remember their past lives. This is not unique to Tibet. There are many Indian yogis with the same capacities. There are also many validated accounts of westerners who reveal things about past lives under hypnosis and again, children who have directed people to their previous homes and parents.

It has taken the earth billions and billions of years to evolve to a point where it can support life. After that, it has then taken life, on this earth, billions more years to evolve to a point where beings can take life as humans and function with superior intellectual capacities that can formulate ideas and apprehend truths about life, death and reality.

Though the human condition is possible it is still incredibly rare to take birth as a human being when you consider the billions of other possible creatures. Then again how rare it is to live as a human being in a free, tolerant and open-minded society that allows the education and freedom to practice what is genuinely beneficial and transformative. Living in a time and situation free of religious or political dictatorships, restrictive laws and other prejudiced and compromised conditions is also fortunate. Then within such already rare and exceptional circumstances consider how rare it is to stumble upon valid practices that really work amidst the mountains of garbage that are not very useful or effective for transforming the mind for the better no matter how much effort you put into them. Then consider how fortunate and rare it is to find a perfect meditation program that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of useful practices and so help release us from suffering and obscurations, for good, in a relatively miniscule period of time.

Having tried the Perfect Meditation program and seeing that, ‘yes, it does in fact generate more peace and happiness by expanding the mind and taking us to profound states of awareness,’ then surely it would be a bewildering error of judgment if we were not to then take maximum advantage of it.

Many scientists and spiritual teachers are stressing to us that NOW humanity is at a cross road, a critical moment, where we either evolve into a universally conscious species or perish in a self-consumed and neglectful state that is leading to mental and environmental degradation. The earth is changing rapidly and unless we make the appropriate shift as a collective, life as we now know it may soon be gone. The opportune state will be lost for how many eons? Who can say?

The way we can make a real difference is by each of us taking on full responsibility for our minds and transforming them into happy, peaceful minds that can easily forgive, love and benefit with joy. This not only serves the good of all beings but is the ultimate way of life that satisfies our own needs that were never able to be satisfied with our infinite self-consumed actions of the past. Our ultimate needs are in perfect harmony with the universal peace and bliss, they are not in conflict with universal responsibility. You might even say they are the perfection of universal responsibility or experienced as unlimited loving kindness. Such a state is a magnet for all you could possibly wish for in abundance. There really is no imperfection in perfection. It all works beautifully. The price we pay is in hesitating, resisting and not chancing that direction for fear of losing what we see as securing our survival or temporal distorted idea of happiness. We do not take the direction that is open to all for fear of dying, losing face or some other worldly thing.

This technology has only very recently been developed to a point where it can do most of the hard work for us. It will push us at times and we will need to change as a new way of being starts to manifest. If we allow ourselves to slowly let go as we gain more and more strength from the process then it is manageable and relatively easy. All of a sudden we do not have to retreat to a cave, depriving ourselves of all distractions and spend all day meditating for 30 or so years in order to generate the kind of power needed in the mind to penetrate reality and remove subtle and course afflictive and obscuring mental activities. 

The nature of reality is always with us yet without heroic efforts over an extended period of time it is almost impossible for an ordinary person to clarify their mind, unravel the truths and integrate them into their minds.  The Perfect Meditation program makes it far more accessible and genuinely achievable for people who are wanting the lasting peace and fulfillment that arises from removing the course and subtle obscurations from the mind.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has been accepted in eastern traditions for centuries.  In the west it is considered as new and is growing in importance.  It is a science which is even becoming part of the selection process in big corporations who are now realizing its relevance in determining the usefulness of a prospective new employee!

It’s no secret that mental poise and balance helps us to make decisions that are right and beneficial for ourselves and for others.  It is, in fact, the way the great thinkers and visionaries operate in order to produce the great works and revelations that have contributed greatly to mankind's evolution. Einstein for instance, used to shut himself in a dark room, ask a question and then silence his mind and wait for the answer.  He would then have to set about proving why the answer was correct! He called it 'fishing in the universe.'

This expanded way of using our mind is far more accessable when brainwaves are slowed down by the deeper brainwave states enduced by Perfect Meditaiton.  Ordinary cognitive functioning that is dominated by cerebral or physical brain power is very useful.  However we are connected to far greater powers than mear brain functioning . Omniscience is the ultimate state of our mind where all things are knowable even in a single moment!  It seems inconciebable.  It is!!!

This awareness is achieved when all conceptual brain processes are transcended, whilst remaining fully aware. It is known in Buddhist circles as the Dharmakya. Enducing our mind into the deepest brainwave states in a syncronised pattern assists our ability to harmonise with the Dharmakya.

On a more ordinary level, along the way so to speak,  we are further assisted to not react to lifes ups and downs so automatically.  We react automatically due to the afflictions of attachment and aversion in our uptight and over conceptualising minds, It’s possible to learn to see through the emotional blocks and think from a peaceful and balanced perspective.  With regular listening to the Perfect Meditation Program, many listeners find that they have the capacity to almost always be in a deeper, more peaceful perspective, regardless of how much turmoil seems to be going on in their environment.

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More Testimonials

“I am amazed at what a deep state the first level cd can get you in effortlessly. The H’sync (abbreviated) awakening prologue had almost no effect by comparison. After about the 3rd use of your cd I had an incredibly vivid warning dream for my father. It was truly amazing. I also find that it can make me nod off if I am tired, but then I seem to be energized later and have difficulty sleeping. This happened on the night I had the dream. I think it's a fantastic product. I felt such an amazing ability to concentrate on a thought effortlessly.”

Peter Z—Salisbury

"Excellent Very happy with product. Thank You"

Carole Bkooralbyn

“As a new user of the starting level, I want to report that I am already sleeping through the night and I am waking refreshed. This is almost an immediate improvement after listening to only track 1 on the "singing bowls" track. And this is only after 3 listening (3 nights) before I go to bed. Thank you.”

Clark M—Oxford

“Industrial strength is a perfect description. My satisfaction level with your product is beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for bringing such quality at an affordable price. My friends will be your future customers.”

Much peace and joy,

David S-Pensacola

"At times my thoughts still run, but there is no emotional engagement with them.  There is no emotional rollercoaster  with them.  I always had this dark kind of brooding feeling that came with them, but now it is as if they run at a distance.  If I choose to, I can just turn them off!  It’s not something that you really notice until you have been doing it for a while.

It's amazing to actually notice the crazy stories that your mind gets caught up in.  The content seems important and relevant until you suddenly remember to just let it go and the mind goes quiet and peace arises.  There is no need to keep thinking.   Somehow there was not enough space between me and the thoughts to be able to do this before.  Now there is and it really is wonderful!

This program keeps throwing up surprises like this for me."

Mary J Toronto

"Thanks so much for the cds. My husband loves them. Will buy again"

 Joan F—North Haven

"I just received my Perfect Meditation CD yesterday night. Just wanted to let you know that it was quite an unusual experience. I tried many meditation systems, and yours is clearly impressive. At first try, I got in a meditation state much deeper than with the other systems I tried. This is quite impressive, so thanks a lot for this."

Laurent C- Paris 

"First of all I would like to thank you for the level one meditation CDs.
Their effect has been absolutely first class. I am now regularly listening to the bowls CD and find it much more beneficial than the nature sounds.
Some of the specific benefits that I have noticeably gained are crystal clear thought, a deeper sense of well being and connection, disappearance of fear (evidenced in my work and discussions with others) and a feeling of presence on an ongoing basis.
I have been listening for around 50 days now and am working toward the 100 day mark, and I am enjoying the practice."

Haroon H ~ West Yorkshire


"I appreciate your well thought out responses and have been contemplating them for the past couple of days. I have to tell you that this type of meditation has litterly changed my life in a relatively short period of time. I cannot thank you enough for offering this to the public and for taking the time to help me have a successful journey..."

Diane A ~ Belleville

"Now that I have settled back into a listening routine again, I am getting tremendous benefit from the Perfect Meditation cd's, and feel far better than I remember doing at any stage with Centerpointe. The whole process feels more natural and gentle, I don't feel forced or frazzled by the technology.
The change has been progressing at a satisfactory rate from day 1, regards, love and gratitude."

Peter N ~ Lilydale

"My husbands psychologist Eugene  told me about Perfect Meditation."

Arezou D ~ Newton




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